Tips for using your guide

Your customized Your Water. Your Decision. guide is a handy tool for getting the attention of local officials who can help protect drinking water. But written materials alone rarely drive action. This is where you come in.

What are the hot issues in your community? Is it bottled water? Watershed protection? Are local officials looking to preserve open space, or combat climate change? Start with an issue that your local officials are already interested in, and frame source water protection within that context.

Drinking water protection is a local issue. The Source Water Collaborative is a national resource to help you get started. But what happens next is up to you.

Talking Points

To get local and state leaders thinking about drinking water protection, start by connecting to issues they already are concerned about. The key is to stay relevant to their interests. Here are some sample talking points that you can use to connect with local decision makers who are newly interested or just beginning to work with water issues:

  • You are in a position to protect your own drinking water supply for the next generation.
  • There are specific actions you can take individually to make a community-wide (in other words, significant) impact on the long-term quality and quantity of your drinking water.
  • Your constituents depend on safe, affordable, and plentiful drinking water – and so will their children.
  • You might consider working to establish a local water budget for _____________ (your town) to plan for future water needs.
  • We have great drinking water, but it’s up to us to protect this asset.