Frequently Asked Questions

How should I use the PDF guide I create?
Your customized guide can be a tool to spur action among local decision-makers — showing them options for protecting sources of drinking water. You have control of the guide's content, so highlight issues that are important to local officials and direct them to drinking water issues that are specific to their communities.

You can even create different versions of the guide to target different issues. For more details, go to Tips for Using Guide.

What are the benefits?
Creating a custom guide allows you to frame source water protection issues specific to your community's needs and local officials' interests. Your customized guide can highlight local resources and focus on solutions for your community. For more benefits, go to Tips for Using Guide.

Who should I give the guide to?
In addition to local officials, the guide can help local decision-makers, and organizations that interact with them, make more informed choices that affect your water sources. For a detailed list of potential audiences, go to Tips for Using Guide.

How should I print the guide?
The guide can easily be printed from any color office printer. It is designed to be printed two-sided on an 8 ½ by 11 inch page, which you fold in half.

Do you offer a more general guide?
You can download the original, non-customized guide here.

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