About Us

The Source Water Collaborative (SWC) is comprised of federal, state, and local partners who united to protect America's drinking water at the source - in the lakes, rivers, streams and aquifers we tap for drinking purposes.

Source WaterThe SWC combines the strengths and tools of a diverse set of member organizations to act now and protect drinking water sources for generations to come.

The SWC has come together to further the goals of protecting sources of drinking water - recognizing that resources are extremely limited, authorities are split and those who can protect source waters are widespread.

Each national organization in the Collaborative understands and appreciates the importance of source water protection as part of their overall mission. Each organization also recognizes the synergy of coordinated actions and the need for leveraging one another's resources to increase the chances for success over each entity going it alone.

The national organizations and their state contacts are displayed on the SWC website www.protectdrinkingwater.org

SWC materials are backed by 23 organizations, giving national heft to recommended local solutions. When the SWC produces materials, it's a win-win for everyone.